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We make your pet parenting easy, and we make you spend more precious time with your beloved dog.

My lovely friend, Som's fatal flaw?

This cream-colored ball of fur which's messy is SOM. 🐶
Som especially really likes people. She shakes her tail like a helicopter when she sees a person. But there was a fatal problem for Som.
Her wetting accidents couldn't be stopped even after potty training.

Som : “Oops.. sorry… I didn't mean it…”

What a journey…!

I found a solution for Som! It's just using diapers.
Oh, but... diapers are way too expensive...! The trash can is about to burst.
I couldn't also stand the deadly smell of diapers!

“BUT No Worries Som! I can't give up like this."

Once I started using washable diapers from disposable diapers, the cost and the burden of garbage decreased. However, there was another big problem. That was I fell into "Laundry Hell." A ray of light came to me, who had been frustrated by washing stinky pee diapers every day. I found Booster pads!

Booster pads were my Life Saver that didn't have to wash diapers every day... But there were also some disappointing points in Booster pads. It was less absorbent and the size didn't fit. I even found that some Booster pads have harmful ingredients such as fluorescent whitening and formaldehyde.

“Oh No! I have to protect Som !”

It hit me like a ton of bricks and I ended up deciding to make the product myself.

Pawpang Begins...

I had been thinking and thinking and trying to improve the existing Booster pads problems. That was how PawPang's journey began.

First of all, the most important thing was the safety of Som, so we didn't compromise on safety and quality.

Therefore, we tried to use reliable raw materials from Korea as much as possible. In addition, we designed a total of four sizes so that all dog parents can use it for any diaper in hopes of relieving stress and further reducing the environmental burden. And... I added a spoon of my love at the end.

Fortunately, Som liked the Booster pads that I made up for.
Som has grown into a dog with no any wetting accidents with Booster pads!

And finally, I was freed from the stress of wetting accidents!

Eventually, Som and I were able to get along and be happier!
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  • Time saver

    No More Leaks Nor Washing Stinky Diapers

    Enjoy your time instead of washing dog diapers by replacing booster pads. PawPang makes your pet parenting easy.
  • Perfect Fit

    Fit Any Brand And Any Type Of Dog Diapers.

    Our pads work great along with most types of dog diapers (washable, reusable and cloth diapers).
  • Daily Solution

    Let Your Doggies Stick With Their Spoiled Routine

    Our premium dog diaper booster pads would be a great solution for you to deal with dog marking, overnight leaks and urinary incontinence.