Frequently Asked Questions

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👋 We are located in Incheon, South Korea 🇰🇷

You can find our products on Amazon. Please search PawPang on Amazon.

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We don't offer it at our store, but you can subscribe our products on amazon with 5% discount price.

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Currently, our products are fulfilled and shipped by Amazon. Please request Amazon for return and replacement and it will be resolved quickly.

Yes! They sure are. Dogs' health and safety are our first priority at PawPang with our reliable products that are carefully selected and thoroughly evaluated for safety.

Our pads passed the quality test of an accredited testing research institute in South Korea.

Please check the size of your diaper first. You can use our pads according to the size of the diaper.

X-Small fits XS~S, Small fits S~M, Medium fits M~L and Large fits L~XL dog diapers.

There's an adhesive strip on the back of the pad, and you can easily remove it and attach it to the dog's diaper. After use, throw the pad into the trash can.

You can't use the pad only. It must be used with disposable/reusable diapers to be effective.

No, these are disposable booster pads.

We recommend you to replace it immediately after your dog urinates. If it is not replaced for a long time, it may cause diaper rash.

Yes, SAP in the pad not only absorbs a lot of liquid but also reduces the smell of urine.

SAP (Suprer Absorbent Polymer) is a material that absorbs a lot of liquid and is usually used in baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary pads, etc. PawPang uses a SAP made in Korea that has been verified for safety.

It's difference in absorption core width. X-Small is 2.6 inches wide and Small is 4 inches wide.

Liquid doesn't flow through into diapers since there is a waterproof barrier on the back and side.

The absorption capacity of each pad is as follows.
X-Small – up to 6 fl. oz.
Small – up to 7 fl. oz.
Medium – up to 9 fl.oz.
Large – up to 11 fl. oz.

The pad's absorption layer consists of natural pulp and SAP. Among them, SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) is a material that absorbs liquid and swells on when it contact with water. SAP is used safely in most baby diapers, adult diapers and sanitary pads in the world.

It is true that disposable products can be a little burdensome to the environment, but Booster pads are smaller than dog diapers, so they can reduce the garbage burden by two to three times than dog diapers.

Therefore, it can be regarded as a more environmental product.
Therefore, we believe that using Booster pads rather than disposable dog diapers will be helpful for the environment more than now.

Booster Pads is our first step toward reducing the amount of garbage in disposable diapers.

We will continue to take another step toward a better environment.

PawPang belly band MUST be used with PawPang diaper liner pads to be effective.

Yes, You need to buy PawPang Booster Pads and use them with Male Wrap. The pads are available in 4 sizes, so we recommend you to choose the size according to the wrap size and amount of urine.

Yes, Handwash and washing machines are all available. (Mashine wash up to 30 ℃) We recommend you to do the laundry after closing the velcro together.

Small Pad absorbs liquid up to 7 fl. oz and Medium pad absorbs up to 9 fl. oz. If you feel medium pad is not enough to use for your dog, please try Large one.

PawPang insert pads are disposable. We recommend you to replace it immediately after your dog urinates.

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