What can I use instead of diapers for my dog?

What can I use instead of diapers for my dog?


We love our dogs as much as we love our children, but that doesn’t mean we want to deal with messes. If your pup has issues with urination, there are several options for dealing with it. Let’s go over them!


Washable dog diapers


Dog diapers

  • Dog diapers are a good solution for incontinent dogs. If your dog has bladder or bowel control issues, dog diapers are a great option.
  • Dog diapers are also a good choice for senior citizens or those with mobility issues. Senior dogs may not be able to make it outside as often as their younger counterparts and may need to go potty more often, so it’s important that you have easy access to clean-up materials like dog diapers or litter boxes in the house so they can easily use them when needed.
  • Dog diapers are also useful for dogs who get urinary tract infections (UTIs) from urinary crystals that form in their urine due to diet changes (e.g., switching from dry food to wet food).


Doggie diaper liners

If you’re looking to buy diapers for your dog and are worried about the cost, consider using a doggie diaper liner (dog diaper booster pads) instead. A doggie diaper liner is a pad that can be used on top of the existing diaper or in its place. Using this product will keep your dog clean while allowing you to save money by not buying additional diapers.

Reusable dog diaper with liners pad


It’s important to note that not all doggie diaper liners are created equally; some brands have higher quality materials than others, which means they will hold more liquid before becoming saturated with urine (the most common use case).

PawPang Dog Diaper Liners contain the high quality premium Super-Absorbent Polymer which turns moisture(urine) into gel and locks away moisture up to 6 fl oz ~ 11 fl oz. 

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dog diaper liners



In conclusion, it is possible to find alternatives to diapers for your dog. Whether you are looking for training or incontinence aid, there are options out there that can help your pet feel more comfortable.