When is time to use a pet-friendly diaper or a pet diaper liner?

When is time to use a pet-friendly diaper or a pet diaper liner?

Just like people, senior dogs come with a wide range of personalities and health issues. One thing that many older dogs share is a change in their bladder and urinary tract function. This can result in your pup needing to urinate more often than before – sometimes even several times an hour! But don’t worry: there are ways to make life easier for both you and your senior dog (and your carpet!).


A senior dog's urinary tract is changing.

The urinary tract is a series of tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder, then out of your dog's body. As your dog gets older, his or her urinary tract changes in a few ways:

  • It slows down. One reason why senior dogs need to pee more often than younger dogs is because their kidneys are less efficient at removing excess fluids from the body and producing urine. This results in more fluid being stored in their bladders as well as urine buildup within their urethra (the tube connecting the bladder to outside world).
  • Blood vessels become more rigid, which makes it harder for blood flow through these vessels incredibly important! This can cause painful problems if not monitored closely by humans who share their home with an aging pet."


When do you know it's time to use a pet-friendly diaper liners?

You’re probably wondering when it’s time to use a pet-friendly diaper or pet diaper liner. Well, here are some signs that your dog needs help:

  • When your dog is having accidents in the house
  • When your dog is having trouble getting up and down stairs
  • When your dog has trouble jumping up on the couch or bed
  • When the vet says their bladder isn’t working as well as it used to

senior dogs need dog diaper liners

The benefits of using a pet-friendly outer diaper and dog diaper liners

Using a dog diaper liners are another great way to help your senior dog stay clean and dry. Dog diaper liners are waterproof, so they keep your dog’s skin healthy, as well as protecting your home from accidents.

In addition to keeping your pooch healthy, wearing washable diapers with booster pads also helps keep his dignity intact. No one wants their fur baby feeling ashamed about accidents or incontinence issues due to old age—they should be able to live their best lives in comfort, dignity and style with the help of modern products like doggie diapers!


How often do I need to change my senior dog's diaper?

For the most part, you should be able to change your senior dog’s diaper every few hours. This will depend on your dog’s size and activity level. If your senior is more active or prone to accidents, then you may have to change their diaper more often.

If you are planning on taking your senior outside more frequently (for example, if they have a new play buddy), then it may be necessary for you to change their diaper more often as well.




If you're worried that your senior dog is having accidents in the house and that it's time to start using a pet-friendly diaper, don't hesitate! It's easy to get started. All you have to do is choose one of our products and follow the simple directions for fitting it on your furry friend. Then sit back and relax while these magical little garments do their job—keeping messes off your carpets, floors, furniture and clothes. We think your old pal will thank you for all the help from these amazing pet diapers, too!