Dog Owners Rejoice: PawPang’s revolutionary Dog Diaper liners create comfort for the dogs and put the pet owners mind at ease.

Dog Owners Rejoice: PawPang’s revolutionary Dog Diaper liners create comfort for the dogs and put the pet owners mind at ease.


Their new product: dog diaper liners aims to reduce waste and cut down on your disposable diaper expenses by only throwing away as little as necessary. 

One of the hardest things about taking care of an animal is teaching it how and where to poop. Unlike humans which kind of socially train their kids to excrete waste at a specific place dogs are allowed to do their business anywhere. This is especially frustrating because after spending all that time and all that effort to potty train your adorable companion goes partially to waste (pun intended) if it doesn’t control its peeing habits. 

One might think that solution to all this would be to adopt dog diapers but soon the cost of these disposable diapers and the amount of waste produced starts to pile up. Re-usable diapers are also a no-go because not only are there more frequent changes, but they also have to be immediately washed, or else the diaper makes the whole house stink up. Luckily this is exactly the type of problem that PawPang’s diaper liner would solve.

PawPang’s dog diaper liners are very small pads that you can put inside a reusable diaper, they are basically small polymer-based disposable absorbing pads that you have to use with a reusable diaper. Due to the size of the dog diaper pads they are very efficient at reducing the amount of waste that you are producing, they cost less than disposable diapers, and are very efficient at absorbing all your dogs’ excrements with ease. Dog diaper liners are made of material similar to what you'd find in disposable baby diapers. They have a waterproof layer that keeps the moisture from leaking through, while the top layer is soft enough to be comfortable but absorbent enough to keep things dry. Since their material is so tightly woven with premium super absorbent polymer it is very good at absorbing liquids even if there is movement, it prevents accidental leaks and spillage and is great for overnight use. 


According to the creator of PawPang and a proud dog owner “Booster pads were my life saver that didn't have to wash diapers every day, but there were also some disappointing points in Booster pads. It was less absorbent, and the size didn't fit. I even found that some Booster pads have harmful ingredients such as fluorescent whitening and formaldehyde this is when I decided to create my own dog diaper booster pads sourced from reliable raw materials”.

PawPang has released their dog diaper liners in four different sizes from extra-small to large, and the company after vigorous testing claims that these four sizes represent the needs of most dogs, they think that their current line of dog liners is enough for every dog breed and every dog needs. Their revolutionary dog diapers are also available on Amazon and can be purchased with ease.