PawPang Is Creating More Bonding Time for Pets and Their Owners with The Launch of Dog Diaper Liners

PawPang Is Creating More Bonding Time for Pets and Their Owners with The Launch of Dog Diaper Liners

The company makes a statement for hygiene and convenience for dog parents with its absorbent range of diaper liners and booster pads 

Dogs are social and friendly animals that are quick to lick or play with people they are familiar with. This endearing characteristic can easily turn awry if these charming animals are not sufficiently potty-trained or are suffering from urinary incontinence. On the other hand, as dogs get older, they require greater help with urinating as their mobility becomes slower and have reduced efficiency of their urinary tracts. Dog diapers have been integral in curbing these unfortunate incidences; however, these diapers are quite expensive and tend to emit an unpleasant smell when left in the trash can for long periods. The PawPang company has developed an invention to address potty misses and improve sanitary conditions for dogs and dog owners. 

PawPang is the producer of high-quality disposable and absorbable dog diaper liners and dog dipaer booster pads that are soft, comfortable, and free from toxic chemicals that may hurt the dog’s skin. The dog diaper liners and booster pads are an essential kit for pet parents in cleaning up wetting accidents such as urinary incontinence, frequent and worrisome marking, female dogs on heat, potty training, or overnight leaks. The diapers prevent wetting accidents so that dog owners can reduce the stress of cleaning and keep their homes smelling fresh while having more time to bond and enjoy the company of their furry babies. In addition, these diaper inserts have helped protect valuable household furniture, carpets, and rooms in the house from the lingering smell of urine. 

The PawPang disposable dog diaper liner is simple to use as it can be attached to washable, disposable/reusable and cloth dog diapers. Pet parents can save up hundreds of dollars from regularly buying dog diapers as when paired with the diaper liners, they can be used for longer. The dog diapers do not have to be washed or completely trashed as the booster pads just need to be replaced as soon as the dog urinates. Furthermore, the dog diaper liners and booster pads can be carried for brisk walks or long trips as they are sealed in small and handy packs making them easy to carry about.  

The four size variations of the PawPang diaper liners are a perfect fit for dogs of different sizes and ages, requiring no extra adjustments, folds or cutting. The PawPang diaper liner and booster pad brand hope to garner the attention of pet parents responsible for taking care of senior dogs and dogs struggling with wetting accidents.   

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About PawPang

PawPang is a company providing quality and highly-absorbent products to cater to pee accidents. On the PawPang online store, pet parents have access to comfy beds, functional furniture, colorful pet toys, and pet grooming kits for their beloved animals at an affordable price.