PawPang's disposable booster pads and dog diaper liners helps dog owners prevent leaks, save money and time.

PawPang's disposable booster pads and dog diaper liners helps dog owners prevent leaks, save money and time.

PawPang is an online store proficient in providing disposable booster pads and dog diaper liners designed to help dog owners prevent leaks and save money and time.

Greek humanist Theodorus Gaza once quipped, "the gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is, in fact, the most precious and valuable possession of mankind". It's clear that the relationship between man and his pet transcends generations, logic and reason. It bothers on the inexplicable, so much so that in the U.S. alone, Sixty-seven percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet.

With the relationship between man and his furry friends statistically, emotionally and historically established, PawPang made sure man is not lacking the necessary paraphernalia to take care of his best friend. "No more leaks, nor washing stinky diapers. Our products make your pet parenting easy, and we make you spend more precious time with your beloved dog", said Theo Lee, founder of PawPang.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Theo's journey to creating PawPang was born out of necessity. His lovely dog Som had a flaw: Her wetting accidents couldn't be stopped even after potty training. Theo's initial solution was to use diapers, but those were expensive. He also tried washable diapers but soon found himself in "laundry hell."

"A ray of light came to me, who had been frustrated by washing stinky pee diapers every day. I found Booster pads! Booster pads were my Life Saver that didn't have to wash diapers every day", he said. "But there were also some disappointing points in Booster pads. It was less absorbent and the size didn't fit. I even found that some Booster pads have harmful ingredients such as fluorescent whitening and formaldehyde."

Theo utilised his innate sense of creativity to improve the existing Booster pad problems, and that was how PawPang's journey began. Som's safety was paramount for Theo. Hence he and his team didn't compromise on safety and quality.

"This is why we tried to use reliable raw materials from Korea as much as possible. In addition, we designed a total of four sizes so that all dog parents can use it for any diaper in hopes of relieving stress and further reducing the environmental burden. And, I added a spoon of my love at the end," Theo said.

Fortunately, Som liked the Booster pads that Theo made and has since grown into a dog without wetting accidents. "And finally, I was freed from the stress of wetting accidents! Eventually, Som and I were able to get along and be happier!" declared an excited Theo.

PawPang's disposable booster pads and dog diaper liners have elicited rave reviews from its users. "We adopted a young-year-old female Chipoo after our son's 18+ y/o male Maltese passed about a year ago. With three small male dogs already here, these pads became a must, especially when she went into heat for the first time. The males, a Pomeranian and two small Yorkshire terriers, had to be shielded from bothering her. They all began 'marking' their spots again after having stopped long ago. These pads work well with the washable belly bands for the boys and the female washable 'pants', also purchased on Amazon. They wear them daily, not all day but when necessary. Good quality and a decent price. Sometimes the adhesion isn't quite as strong, but after they wear the bands for a bit, they adhere decently. — Tim. Amazon Customer.

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