Does your dog pee all of a sudden?

Does your dog pee all of a sudden?

Sometimes a dog who didn't make a mistake has been peeing on the floor at some point.
In this case, you should suspect incontinence rather than scolding.

Urinary incontinence, like humans, refers to the symptoms of dogs peeing regardless of their will.
Symptoms often appear in the form of small drops of urine leaking or sometimes leaking completely.

Urinary incontinence in dogs is most common in older dogs, large dog breeds, and females with removed ovaries, although it can occur in any dog.
There can be many reasons for dog urinary incontinence.
Hormone imbalance, spinal cord injury, urinary tract infection, prostate disease, birth defects, etc.

There are various causes, so to find out the exact cause, you need to visit the hospital and check up for treatment.
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For the treatment of urinary incontinence, you can check the dog's infection through physical examinations and urine tests at the animal hospital.
There will be incontinence treatment for the cause, and to prevent the dog from peeing anywhere regardless of the disease, it is recommended to put more sheets or towels on the dog's bed, take him out for walks more often, or use a diaper for the dog.

Among them, it is recommended to use dog diapers. There are various types of dog diapers, such as cloth diapers and disposable diapers, and it is important to wear them according to the size of the dog.
However, dog diapers are a burden on the cost, and cloth diapers will be a burden on the owners because they have to keep doing the laundry continuously.

Booster pads help with all these problems. If you put booster pads in a cloth diaper or disposable diaper, you only need to replace one pad without changing the diaper. You can use it anytime, anywhere conveniently, save money at the same time, and help the environment.

PawPang Booster Pads is a Korean product that has passed the quality test of human diapers and can add absorption power from 6 to 11 fl oz to diapers.
These absorbent diaper doubler pads are designed in 4 sizes considering all the different sizes of dogs from small to large breed. 
Through our products, you should get away from worrying about incontinence such as Overnight Leaks and sleep comfortably.