How to take care of a little puppy

How to take care of a little puppy
Dog care - Bath

1. Bath
Young puppies under 3 months old are not immune, so you should refrain from taking a bath. However, for cleanliness, it is recommended that you wipe it with a wet tissue or use a dry shampoo in case of foreign substances or feces on the fur.

If the dog is 3 months old, it is appropriate to take a short bath once every 10 to 14 days after completing the vaccine. The temperature of the water is 36 to 39 degrees Celsius, so you must adjust the temperature of the water well. :)

Dog care - Bath

2. Treats
Your dog is so pretty that you will want to give him lots of delicious treats. However, if a young dog eats biscuits frequently, he or she can change his or her appetite and refuse to feed, which can lead to nutritional imbalance if he or she does not eat food containing essential nutrients.

This can also cause problems with the dog's growth, so it is recommended that you give treats only a little bit during training. Also, if your dog is under 3 months old, avoid treats because they can cause problems with your digestive system.

Dog house

3. Safe space
Keep young dogs away from slippery floors, high places where they can fall, sharp objects, and dangerous objects (insecticides, cosmetics, etc.). Because he is a young dog, he can go here and there with curiosity, so he is more likely to get hurt by picking up food or falling off.

If possible, install a fence to separate the space and make a space for the dog to stay safe. At this time, it is recommended that you place a toilet pad, a house, a water bowl, and a feed bowl together and create a space for your dog.

Dog care - Potty Training

4. Potty Traning
Dogs can be trained after 2 months of age. Since even young dogs can receive basic etiquette training and potty training, don't leave them unattended just because they are young, but please start training.
It is recommended to train young dogs because they are as quick to learn as sponges, and this training can be helpful even when they become adults.

Dog feeding

Dog diapers are also introduced as products for potty training. However, dog diapers can be financially and environmentally burdensome, so Dog diaper liners are recommended as a replacement.

Dog diaper booster pad liners are available for

5. dog feeding
Giving a lot of food to a young dog that is still difficult to control how much it eats can cause the abdomen to expand and cause problems with the digestive system.
No matter how pretty your dog is, you should give him a proper amount of feed for the young dog.

Go out for a walk

6. Time to go out for a walk
Young dogs are curious and less vigilant, so they should not miss the socialization period. 'dog walking' is the best way to improve social skills.

Through a walk, dogs can smell the outside, see passing cars or people, and meet other dogs to develop their social skills.
The social development period of dogs is about two to four months old. If a dog takes a long walk, it is easy to be exposed to various diseases, so it is recommended to take a walk for about 10 minutes. If you are worried that you have not completed your vaccination, it is also a good idea to take a walk with your dog in your arms.

The thing to be careful about when taking a walk is that too many people, dogs, and places with noise can be stressful due to environmental changes, and unfamiliar situations can cause trauma. Therefore, it is good to take a nice walk in a quiet park.